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11. Aunt Carol's Place 3
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon
» Run time: 00:04:45
» Description: Almost out of money and more than a little drunk our three losers head for the strip club. Of course three young guys in a strip club are soon going to be in serious trouble. Barfing on one of the strippers isn't going to help much either.
12. Aunt Carol's Place 2
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon, big boobs, strip clubs
» Run time: 00:06:11
» Description: The boys ae still trying to have fun but this time they've lost their money. They don't even manage to score at the night. Will their luck change or will these three losers go on being losers?
13. Aunt Carol's Place
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon
» Run time: 00:07:10
» Description: It's the middle of summer and three guys are stuck in the city. They want to have fun but the neighborhood might have other ideas. Perhaps the aunt with the beach house might be able to put them up but first they need some cash.
14. Gerardo's Island 3
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon, big boobs, short skirt, blowjob, oral, BJ, cocksucking
» Run time: 00:03:48
» Description: Four girls giving one guy a blowjob is certainly Mario's idea of fun but how is Gerardo managing with his dream girl? Maybe money isn't everything a girl wants. Even the butler might be having more fun than Gerardo.
15. Gerardo's Island 2
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon, babes, big boobs, fucking, bondage
» Run time: 00:03:53
» Description: He needs a little help to get the girls and enlists a friend to help him. Of course money talks and soon he's got an island populated with five very sexy women and one very sexy old film star. Unfortunately money can't buy everything but there are always other women.
16. Gerardo's Island
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon, babes
» Run time: 00:02:29
» Description: He's not well and the doctor's prescription is to take five hot babes to a desert island and enjoy life. It doesn't need much thought before he's ditched his wife and is setting off on his luxury yacht. But first he needs a little help/
17. He's Older Part 2
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon, punk, goth, toying, lesbian
» Run time: 00:04:38
» Description: The cops are on his tail and he's a fugitive. His cousin now doesn't think he's too old and wants to fuck him but was it worth it? His picture's on TV and the cops are still on his tail.
18. He's Older Than He Thought
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon, punk, goth
» Run time: 00:02:26
» Description: His cousin thinks he's old but then she's got pink hair. He wants to get out and live a little but maybe having fun with his cousin wasn't such a good idea. Now the cops are on his tail and he doesn't know what to do
19. What a Crazy Bitch 2
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon, redhead, fucking, short skirt
» Run time: 00:08:01
» Description: He's lost all his money and the loan sharks are on their way. He's back at his attorney's but he's not getting much joy there either. He had an arrangement with his friend but this new babe isn't interested and things are not what they seem.
20. What a Crazy Bitch
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoons, redhead, fucking
» Run time: 00:05:58
» Description: She want's to talk sex but he wants to talk money because he's broke and he wants to join the boys in a poker game. He has no luck there and ends up with the loan sharks. A winning streak and he's on top of the world but will it last.