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1. Gone Fishing
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon, big boobs
» Run time: 00:03:16
» Description: A major business plan goes absolutely pear-shaped when an employee screws up big time. There's only one thing to do and that's kick his ass and fire him. But who has the last laugh?
2. The Set Up 2
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon, threesome, redhead, cute ass
» Run time: 00:04:09
» Description: Mario's girlfriend has decided that the only way to forget him is to move to Canada. He really is desperate to get her back. He's so desperate to get her back that when her father calls Mario is in bed with two other babes. And it's all because he is so emotionally damaged.
3. The Set Up
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon, threesome
» Run time: 00:04:10
» Description: Some plans for a birthday surprise for Mario really go astray when Mario is caught with his pants down. She spent a lot of money on his birthday present and now she is really pissed. Sometimes a guy just can't win.
4. Pleasure Cruise 7
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon, threesome
» Run time: 00:04:12
» Description: Mario's friend Luis just happens to be a very wanted terrorist Â… or is he? The trip goes on and so does the fun with the big breasted backpackers. But much to Mario's horror the girls would really like to get to know Luis.
5. Pleausre Cruise 6
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: threesome, cartoon, big boobs, hard nipples, fucking, pussy licking
» Run time: 00:03:11
» Description: Backpackers from Denmark are just about to make Mario's trip into a pleasure cruise beyond his wildest dreams. Skinny dipping is just the start to a wild threesome that suddenly makes the trip worth the hassle. But Mario can't stay out of trouble and there's more about to come.
6. Pleasure Cruise 5
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon, babes
» Run time: 00:03:49
» Description: And of course the trip just keeps on getting worse. But every cloud has a silver lining and Mario is just about to find his. Two hot babes in the back of a pickup truck and he's on his way to some fun times.
7. Pleasure Cruise 4
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon
» Run time: 00:04:26
» Description: If Mario had thought things couldn't get worse there's a border ahead and things sure aren't going to improve. Laxatives are just part of the border inspection. A face full of puke is something else altogether different.
8. Pleasure Cruise 3
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon, wet dreams, big boobs, fucking
» Run time: 00:02:21
» Description: Sleeping through a boring bus trip is a great way to pass the time. But it can depend on what you dream about. And it also depends on who is doing the sleeping.
9. Pleasure Cruise 2
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon
» Run time: 00:02:29
» Description: Poor Mario, he really wasn't cut out to travel on a bus. The airconditioning is only the first thing to stop working. And from there it's all downhill
10. Pleasure Cruise 1
» Category: Toons
» Keywords: cartoon, gambling, winning
» Run time: 00:04:16
» Description: Mario is off to the Casino again and he's brought Luis along for luck. Luis is going on holidays to Peru on a Greyhound and when Mario is down to his last few dollars he promises to go with Luis if he should win. He wins and then wants to forget his promise but sometimes you can't forget things like that.